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Featured in:
Maximum Metal
Metalen (Austria)
Classic Rock
Metal Hammer

Author: “Cleaners” (Amazon.com, 2011)

Author: “Within the Hallows of Sanctuary” (unofficial fanfic blog)

The Black Siren

25443041_10203905987045462_3489777901754964611_nMember of: 
Society of Professional Journalists, US
National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society

Student of:
UNLV – University Nevada Las Vegas, Greenspun School of Journalism

T. Ray Verteramo fell in love with heavy metal, which was under heavy fire at the time by Tipper Gore and those of the self-proclaimed moral majority. It was a topic of discussion on ‘Crossfire’ when Frank Zappa was a guest. Verteramo believed it to be an issue of free speech. The experience shaped her. ‘When you’re judged so readily, so quickly, and so harshly for so long, it’s hard not to become more empathetic. My tastes haven’t changed and I’ll never use hairspray again. But my appreciation and gratitude to be able to enjoy and share the music I love freely has definitely grown’.”From ’80’s Throwback: What Life Looked Like When Crossfire First Aired, CNN September 6, 2013

“Ray is an exceptional journalist with many interviews under her belt, including Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, Michael Schenker of The Scorpions, Erik Danielsson of Watain as well as many published articles. I normally do not do this sort of thing, but it turned out to be a great pleasure. Journalists like her are few and far between.” — Kosta Bayss, CEO of Goetic Records / Artist – Episcopal Holocaust

“I’ve worked with T. Ray for over a year with my website. She is dedicated to the craft of writing on personal and professional levels. She is a complete story go-getter and has always been timely with anything we’ve thrown at her. As much as anyone, she understands the big picture of web journalism. Her desire to continue improving professionally is an inspiring ethic.” — Frank Hill, publisher/editor-in-chief Maximum Metal



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